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We had watermelon recently.

If you don’t have diabetes, you won’t understand the glory of watermelon.

It is a super high-carb fruit, so we hardly ever eat it.

It’s a rare treat.

I only bought a little slab.

I didn’t buy the whole melon.

Because we would have eaten it all.

And it’s really, really, really not good for us.

But oh, it was delicious.

I will dream about that watermelon all summer.

While I’m not eating watermelon.
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Every day this week, rain has been predicted.

Every day this week, the weather has remained dry.

Today I finally decided to water my vegetable garden.

I can’t wait for the rain.

It was when I approached the gate to access the hose that I saw it.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

I was horrified.

Rat poop!

On the fence!

Rats have touched the very fence that I have to touch to access the hose!


The Husband, however, was kind of happy.

Over the years, he has devised a fool-proof method for dealing with rats.

Bob is very proud of his disgusting achievement.


Just get rid of the rats.

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Mowing the Lawn

In the interest of not being pathetic and dependent, I asked Bob to show me how to mow the lawn.

Last week he showed me, and this week I did it myself.

I know that my rows were not up to the razor-straight standards that he demands.

Some of the rows were downright wobbly.

All I could think of was that scene in True Detective where Woody Harrelson gets up in Matthew McConaughey’s face and snarls at him, “You don’t mow another man’s lawn.”

I’m a little concerned.

If I’m lucky, Bob will say, “Nice job,” with false sincerity.

And then he’ll never let me near the lawn mower again because he can’t trust me to do it right.

I can only hope.
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Stupid Ant

I got bit again.

This time it was not a murder hornet.

I know because I saw it.

It was an ant.

I don’t know if it was a fire ant.

It wasn’t red.

But it was huge.

And it was squished by the time I got done with it.

It bit me right under the flip-flop strap.

And now I’ve got a painful welt and I can’t wear flip-flops.

A tragedy!

Until I found a different pair of flip-flops in my closet with a different strap angle.


I can still wear flip-flops.

Stupid ant.
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I told the Grown Son that I don’t like his use of the term “Karen.”

It’s insulting.

Our next-door neighbor is Karen.

And she’s lovely.

The Grown Son confirmed that next-door Karen is not a Karen.

And neither am I.

He assured me, however, that I am still annoying, even if I’m not a Karen.

By the time he got through his long-winded, backhanded compliment, I had stopped listening.

I had also stopped caring.

Does that make me a Karen?

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A Huge Tree

I’ve got this huge tree in the front yard.

It’s out of control.

I called a tree guy in to give an estimate for service.

From a safe six feet away, the tree guy said it’s a Live Oak tree.

I kind of freaked out.

I can’t just have our oak tree trimmed in the front yard in full public view.

I need permits.

I need permission.

I will probably be refused the permit, and the tree will wreck the roof.

Eventually it will wreck the driveway, the sidewalk, the foundation and the plumbing.

And then I remembered that I don’t live in Thousand Oaks anymore.

I don’t need a permit to trim my overgrown oak tree.