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I don’t correct people’s grammar when I’m not teaching.

That’s obnoxious.

Especially on line.

It’s so easy to make typos.

And auto correct can be a jerk.

I make plenty of mistakes myself.

I try to overlook it when I see it on line.


Today I read an entire conversation about a dessert tortoise.

The first post was about a pet dessert tortoise.

And all of the responses were about other people’s pet dessert tortoises.

Every single person in the thread spelled desert wrong.

In my mind, I pictured a slow-moving tortoise covered in whipped cream and chocolate syrup with a sprinkling of salmonella.

It’s a desert tortoise.

Not a dessert tortoise.

OK, I’m done ranting now.
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An Interesting Concept

I’ve been binge-reading Baldacci thrillers.

I’ve been binge-watching True Detective on HBO.

I can’t help but notice the similarities between Rustin Cohle and Amos Decker.

They both suffered devastating losses.

They both suffered brain injuries.

They both are insufferably self absorbed.

And they are both trying to do the best they can with the rotten hand they’ve been dealt.

Now I want to see a crossover where Cohle and Decker work a case together.

Marty Hart and Melvin Mars would have to show up too, to keep them from killing each other.

It could be a very interesting concept.
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Jokes in Chalk

At intervals along the sidewalk in my neighborhood, a kid had written jokes in chalk.

At first I didn’t pay any attention.

But then I started to read them, and they were funny.

What is orange and sounds like a parrot?

A carrot.

I had to take a second lap around the block to read the ones I had missed.

Great job, Kid!

We’ve got a budding comedian in the neighborhood.

Now I expect to be entertained for the rest of the quarantine.
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April Fools

April Fools!

There’s nothing like a 4:00 am hypo on April Fools’ Day.

I got up with the Grown Son and helped him raise his numbers.

He went back to bed.

I can never sleep after one of those middle-of-the-night scares.

I put up some coffee and unpeeled fruit stickers from all over the kitchen.

There’s nothing like a disturbing diabetes episode to put the fruit sticker flinging into perspective.

I guess I’m going to need a new Inciting Incident.
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Season One of True Detective

I just finished Season One of True Detective.

It wasn’t really a cop show.

It wasn’t really about a cold case.

It wasn’t really about what might have happened all those years ago.

That was just the vehicle to tell the story.

The real story was about sin and redemption.

And grief.

And enduring friendship.

I can’t wait to start Season Two.
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Happy Birthday

We’re in the midst of an international health crisis.

We’re quarantined.

We’re on house arrest.

And there’s no toilet paper to be purchased anywhere.

But still, it’s my mama’s birthday.

And we have a tradition.

She’s been gone nearly ten years, but I still make her favorite dinner on her birthday.

There’s no reason to stop now.

We’ll have chicken tetrazzini tonight.

Happy birthday Mom.

I miss you every day.
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I Have a Cold

I have a cold.

No, it’s not Coronavirus.

No, it’s not the flu.

It’s just a cold.

I sent Bob out last night to get some Nyquil.

I was worried that the stores would be cleared out of cold medication.

Bob had no problem finding me what I needed.

Plus some ice cream because it was on sale.

I find it odd that people are stocking up on toilet paper.

But not on cold medicine.

If things get bad around here, maybe we can barter with our Nyquil.
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4:00 O’Clock This Morning

I got up at 4:00 o’clock this morning.

Which is really 3:00 because of the time change.

Am I happy about this?

I am not.

It is going to be a very long and very, very cranky day.

However, it will still be sunny well into the evening.

I may cheer up for that.

But maybe not.

I haven’t decided.

I’m still mad about getting up at 3:00 am.