Mostly True Memoirs

Pi Day

It’s Pi Day.

It’s a great day for a homophone lesson for my ESL students.

I have a longstanding tradition of making whoopie pies on Pi Day.

I hit the kitchen to start baking.

Only to realize that I didn’t have any marshmallow cream.

This is one of the pitfalls of an empty nest.

No marshmallow cream.

No problem.

I can make vanilla cream instead.

Only to realize that I didn’t have any powdered sugar.

Another pitfall of the empty nest.

But again, no problem.

I don’t need no stinkin’ powered sugar.

I can make my own.

I made a very, very small batch this time.

A regular recipe makes a ton of huge whoopie pies.

What are the two of us going to do with that much food?

We need a bunch of teenage athletes

and all of their teammates

to tackle that many goodies.

I told my ESL classes that Americans love play-on-word humor.

They now understand why it is funny to eat pie on Pi Day.

They now know why it is funny to celebrate Pi Day on March 14.

I explained that it’s not a real holiday, it’s just an excuse to eat pie.

Happy Pi Day.

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Allergy Medication



When I take my allergy medication, I don’t sleep well.

When I don’t take my allergy medication, I can’t breathe.


It’s a tough choice.

I haven’t been taking my allergy medication lately.

I really do need to sleep.

But this morning my nose wouldn’t stop running.

I teach English on line.

I need my voice to be clear.

I need to be able to teach pronunciation properly.

Today we studied the /zh/ sound.

As in treasure, casual, vision…

You can’t pronounce /zh/ properly when you are congested.

I don’t want my students to learn English with a cold accent.

I took an allergy pill.

I may regret it later.

But the lesson went well, so there’s that.