Liz Brenner

I believe that humor allows us to experience our everyday chaos in a laugh-out-loud perspective.

Liz is an experienced Script Reader with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. She is skilled in writing coverages, technical writing, transcription services, proofreading, editing, speech coaching, and teaching English as a foreign language.

She has a BA focused on Linguistics from San Diego State University-California State University.


Liz provides a unique insight into daily slice-of-life moments that are witty and usually leave you with a great smile. I look forward to every new post to discover her (and oftentimes her dog’s) latest adventures. Liz makes the daily and mundane fun!

Scotty Smith

Great stories written for a quick read. Liz has a knack for putting a great spin on what we’ve all thought before!  Humor found in everyday life is put on stage. 

Clark Pfarner

I am not intentional about following blog posts – except Liz Brenner’s blog. She is witty. She finds humor in routine, unremarkable events. Her funny observations, poetic technique and soundbites keep me amused.

Patty Wyatt