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It was a great read

It Was a Great Read

Banned Book Week was last week.

I celebrated by reading Maus.

Months ago, there was a story in the news that this book was being banned from an 8th grade curriculum.

So of course I wanted to read it.

At that time, because of the news, everyone wanted to get their hands on this book, and you couldn’t find it for love or money.

People were selling used paperbacks for $50.00.

Yeah, nah, I didn’t want to read it that badly.

I forgot all about it until I saw it in a bookstore last week for a normal price.

It’s an amazing story.

I was totally engrossed.

My only complaint about it is that I didn’t know it was a two-volume series.

The first book ended on a cliffhanger.

I had to wait to get the second book to finish the story.

The waiting was difficult.

I hope those 8th graders were assigned both volumes of the book because ending on that cliffhanger would be a cruel, cruel assignment.

Maus was a great read, and a fabulous way to celebrate Banned Books Week.

What is your favorite Banned Book? Scroll down and post a comment – I promise I’ll respond!

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Mostly True Memoirs

It was a great read! Banned Book Week was last week. I celebrated by reading something that's been banned.

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