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False Alarm!

I went to the library.

There was a huge crowd outside.

The fire alarm was going off, and the building was being evacuated.

The librarian assured everyone that it was a false alarm.

A small child had pulled the knob.

However, I heard sirens in the distance.

Apparently the fire department had to come and turn the alarm off.

They also had to inspect the building to verify that there really was no fire.

After an eternity of very, very, very loud noises, they were ready to turn off the alarm.

But no one had the proper key.

After they found the key, they discovered that no one had the password.

I thought it was funny.

The librarian was not amused.

The firefighters were not amused.

The father of the little boy was really not amused.

The kid was only about two or three, and he was bawling.

The firefighters were kind to him and gave him some stickers.

I hope the family doesn’t get fined.

But even if they do, the kid’s wedding speech is practically writing itself.

This false alarm might be worth the fine.

Liz Brenner

Everyone has a story to tell.

Even you.

Especially you.



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