Story Arc Ideas – How To Find Them

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Story Arc Ideas

A story arc is the central structure of a story. It’s the journey that the main character takes, from their starting point to their end goal. A well-crafted story arc will keep the reader engaged and invested in the story, and it will help to create a satisfying ending.


Starting Point

  • Start with your characters. Who are your characters? What are their goals? What obstacles are they facing? Once you know your characters, you can start to brainstorm potential story arcs for them.
  • Think about your own experiences. Have you ever faced a challenge or obstacle that you had to overcome? What did you learn from that experience? Your own experiences can be a great source of inspiration for story arc ideas.
  • Read other stories. Pay attention to the story arcs in the books, movies, and TV shows that you enjoy. What elements of the story arc do you find most engaging? How do the characters change and grow over the course of the story?
  • Use archetypal story arcs. There are a few archetypal story arcs that have been used in stories for centuries. These include the hero’s journey, the rags-to-riches story, and the coming-of-age story. These story arcs can be a great starting point for your own story arc ideas.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure your story arc has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should introduce the characters and the setting, and it should set up the conflict or challenge that the main character will face. The middle should build up the tension and conflict, and it should lead to the climax of the story. The end should resolve the conflict and give the reader a sense of closure.
  • Make sure your story arc is emotionally engaging. The reader should care about the characters and their journey. The story should evoke emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, fear, and hope.
  • Make sure your story arc is original. Don’t just copy the story arcs of other stories. Put your own spin on it and make it your own.

Examples From Literature

  • The hero’s journey: This is one of the most common story arcs in literature. It follows the journey of a hero who sets out on a quest to achieve a goal. Along the way, the hero faces many challenges and obstacles, but they eventually overcome them and achieve their goal. Some examples of stories that follow the hero’s journey include The Odyssey, The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars.
  • The rags-to-riches story: This story arc follows the journey of a character who starts out in poverty or humble circumstances, but who eventually achieves great wealth or success. Some examples of stories that follow the rags-to-riches story arc include The Wizard of Oz, The Secret Garden, and The Pursuit of Happyness.
  • The coming-of-age story: This story arc follows the journey of a character who is growing up and learning about themselves and the world around them. Some examples of stories that follow the coming-of-age story arc include To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

These are just a few examples of story arc ideas. There are many other possibilities, so be creative and have fun with it!

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