I’ve Had Quite Enough Of This Rain

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’ve had quite enough of this rain. We’ve had about six inches this month.

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I've had quite enough of this rain


I’ve had quite enough of this rain.

We’ve had about six inches this month.

Most of it in the last ten days.

We haven’t had enough of a dry stretch to mow the lawn.

The grass is knee deep.

So it would seem.

The ground is so waterlogged that it is no longer solid.

Our yard is now a swamp.

You sink down into it, so the grass is actually thigh deep.

Last night, both the boys were out, and the rain started coming down in buckets.

There are only two main streets into our neighborhood, and they were both in bad shape.

One street was a raging river.

There was an accident, and the swift water rescue team had to come in.

It made the nightly news.

The other street kept flooding and clearing and flooding and clearing.

Eventually a train stalled, probably due to flooding.

The train was blocking traffic, so even if the rain stopped, no cars were getting through.

Luckily both boys made it home safely.

The good news is that all of our plants have grown massive.

And they will certainly grow even more once they get some sunshine.

If, that is, we ever do see sunshine again.

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