Mostly True Memoirs

Writer’s Block Solution

It’s NaNoWriMo.

National Novel Writing Month.

The challenge is to write 1667 words a day.

Every single day.

For an entire month.

Many writers are complaining of writer’s block.

I have the perfect solution for that.

Join Toastmasters.

At Toastmasters, you will learn how to do impromptu speaking.

You can apply everything you learn about impromptu speaking to your writing.

Not every speech, and not every piece of writing, will be great.

But you can rework those less-than-perfect pieces into something better.

You can edit a rough first draft.

You can’t edit a blank screen.

Join Toastmasters and you will never have writer’s block again.

Mostly True Memoirs

Fish Massage

My ESL students today were talking about fish massage.

It’s really a thing.

You take off your shoes, roll up your pants, and stick your feet in a fish tank.

Hundreds of fish swarm you and eat all of the dry skin off your feet.

They uploaded some pictures to show me how it’s done.

They are tiny little fish, not piranhas.

But still, it looks creepy.

And not at all sanitary.

I’ll pass…

Mostly True Memoirs


Bob is out of town.

I informed the Grown Son that when Dad is out of town, I am on Staycation.

I don’t cook or shop.

I’m quite happy to eat toast and fruit for dinner.

The Grown Son was very concerned.

What will he eat?

I informed him that there was cooked taco meat in the freezer.

He rummaged around until he found it, and then he objected.

Because it was frozen.

Excuse me?

What did he think he was going to find in the freezer?

A hot meal?

That reminds me…

I need to add some wine to my toast and fruit dinner.