Well That Was A Nice Surprise

Mostly True Memoirs

Well that was a nice surprise!

Mostly True Memoirs

That was a nice surprise

What A Nice Surprise

My neighborhood is undergoing a massive renovation.

You can’t go two blocks without a construction detour.

Everywhere you go, you have to add a half-hour buffer just in case you get stuck behind a giant tonka truck.

There was one particular detour that had a sign saying the road would be closed until the 29th.

It didn’t specify which year.

That’s an important detail because some of these projects can drag on forever.

It was quite a nice surprise then, on the 30th, to find that the road was open.

I was a little suspicious.

It can’t REALLY be open on time.

Maybe it’s a trick.

What if there’s a sinkhole waiting for me up ahead?

Luckily, as I was sitting at a red light, I saw a car turn onto the newly-opened road.

There was no sinkhole.


I got home way earlier than expected.

Now if they can just finish up the dozens of other construction projects, that would another nice surprise.


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