A Tow Truck Driver And A Better Tow Truck Driver

Mostly True Memoirs

A rogue tow truck driver

Mostly True Memoirs

A tow truck driver

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A Tow Truck Driver

This is a story of a rogue tow truck driver.  

We were in a car accident.  

We’re OK.  

I won’t talk about it in detail because a claim is pending.  

Our entire back end was smashed in.  

The cops told us that we could drive away.  

I was leery about driving.  

We should probably get a tow.  

But they wanted the road cleared.  

They insisted that we go.  

We realized, as we started driving, that we had no tail lights or turn signals.

That’s not safe.  

They shouldn’t have made us drive this thing.  

The car started to list.  

It was a flat tire.  

We pulled into a Lowe’s parking lot and called for roadside assistance that comes with our insurance.  

Because there was an accident with a police report, they wouldn’t send a tow truck until we filed a claim.  

So we filed a claim.  

For the record, typing all that detailed info on the mobile app is a pain in the a$$.  

But we did it.  

They said the tow truck was on the way.  

Hours later, we continued to wait for roadside assistance.  

We made many, many, many calls during our very long wait.  

“20 minutes,” they kept telling us.  

We called the tow truck driver, we called the dispatch, we called the insurance company, we called our insurance agent.  


“20 minutes,” they said.  

But no one came.  

We were stranded.  

Early in the evening, it was a bustling, crowded, safe parking lot, but hours and hours later, it was dark and empty and creepy.  

Late into our ordeal, Bob called the tow truck driver yet again.  

Who said “20 minutes” yet again.  

Bob lost it.  

F-bombs flew.  

Bob called dispatch again.  

F-bombs echoed furiously across the empty parking lot.  

Dispatch said that they were cancelling the tow.  

Because of the F-bombs.  


They’ve left us stranded all night, and now they’re abandoning us?  

Screw it.  

We’ll call an unauthorized tow truck and hash it out with the insurance company later.  

The new tow truck guy said, “20 minutes.”  

Yeah, right, we’ve heard that one before.  

But he arrived in seven minutes.  

He said that he would bill our insurance directly.  

We wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket.  

He was very nice and helpful and courteous.  

While he was loading up our car, guess who showed up?  

The first tow truck guy.  

He never got out of his truck.  

He just watched, presumably angry.  

I imagine he was on the phone, dropping his own F-bombs on his company for making him drive all the way out there for nothing.  

For the record, they were the ones who cancelled our order.  

Eventually he squealed out, furious.  

We all laughed, even the tow truck guy.  

And now the claims process begins.

Liz Brenner

Everyone has a story to tell.

Even you.

Especially you.



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