An Amazing New Tradition

Mostly True Memoirs

An Amazing New Tradition

A New Tradition Has Been Discovered!

Could this be a new tradition?

I’ve been sick.

I never get sick.

But this time it was a doozy.

I had three different illnesses.

At the same time.

None of them were serious, but the combination was downright miserable.

Meanwhile, Bob was having surgery to get his broken wrist set.

Yeah, it’s been an awful couple of weeks.

I spent my birthday in my pajamas, binge-watching The Crown, and eating Chinese takeout.

It sounds like a sad and pathetic birthday celebration.

But it turned out to be quite an enjoyable day.

I might do it again next year.

Without the illnesses.

But with the pajamas, the binging, and the takeout.

Perhaps a new tradition has been born.