How To Make A Wrong Turn with Google Map Directions

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How to Make a Wrong Turn With Google Map Directions

A Wrong Turn Once Again

We’ve been here four years, and I continue to make wrong turns.

After all this time, I still need Google Maps to get around.

I remain disoriented.

I really, really, really hate when the GPS uses cardinal directions.

Cardinal directions are terrible.

Don’t tell me to turn north or south.

Tell me left or right.

It seems that no matter which way I turn, I am going the wrong way.

Even when I make a point to do the opposite thing, I am still going the wrong way.

How many ways can there be to turn wrong?

Apparently infinite.

To be fair, I am getting more familiar with the area.

The other day I made a wrong turn.

The problem was that GPS said to take a “slight right.”

But it wasn’t a slight right, it was a full right.

I missed the turn.

However, I had no problem getting back on track.

I guess that means I’m settling in.