Christmas Cookie Fails

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Christmas cookie fails

Would it be a memorable holiday without some Christmas cookie fails? Blue made sure this holiday was memorable. What a numbskull!

The Christmas cookies were cooling on the racks.

I got busy with cleaning up.

Five minutes later, they were gone.

Every last cookie was gone.

And there was Blue, grinning from ear to ear.

Her tail was wagging like crazy.

“Thanks Mom,” she seemed to be gushing, “Those were my favorite.”

What a numbskull.

Me, I’m the numbskull.

I keep forgetting how big she is.

Wrigley was small and couldn’t reach the countertops.

Plus, she was regal and dignified and wouldn’t stoop to such nonsense.

Blue has no problem stooping to such nonsense.

There will probably be some Christmas cookie pukage tonight.

I scrubbed everything down and started baking a new batch.

Obedience class starts in January.

Merry Christmas!

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