It’s National Rescue Dog Day!

National Rescue Dog Day

It’s National Rescue Dog Day – A Great Day to Celebrate Your Dog!

It’s National Rescue Dog Day.

We’ve always rescued our dogs.

The first one was Schatzi.

We got her as a puppy.

She is the reason we prefer to rescue older dogs.

Puppies are destructive.

She grew up to be a very good girl, though.

Our next dog was Dave.

He was a senior rescue.

We named him after David Brenner.

We didn’t think that one through.

Things could get awkward around guys with the same name.

Dave spent his golden years with us, being a very happy doofus.

Wrigley was our special dog.

We had her for 15 years.

She raised the boys.

Although all dogs are the Best Dog Ever, Wrigley really was the Best Dog Ever.

And now we have Blue.

I had just started her on obedience training when I wrecked my knee.

She has taken full advantage of my injury.

She has been very naughty.

Just this week she chewed up some socks, got into the trash, and ate some meatballs that were meant for our dinner.

I’m going to have to improvise some knee-injury-worthy obedience training.

I simply can’t sacrifice any more meatballs.

Happy National Rescue Dog Day!


It Makes No Sense But She’s The Best Dog Ever

It makes no sense but she's the best dog ever

It Makes No Sense, But She’s The Best Dog Ever

Blue has been with us for several months now.

She’s such a good girl.

We have decided that she is the Best Dog Ever.

It makes no sense.

Wrigley was the Best Dog Ever.

No dog could ever take Wrigley’s place.

How can Blue be the Best Dog Ever if Wrigley is already the Best Dog Ever?

It must be Dog Logic.

That’s the only possible explanation.

It makes perfect sense to me.


It’s National Dog Biscuit Day! Who Wants to Celebrate?

National Dog Biscuit Day

Is This Really a Worthy Celebration?

It’s National Dog Biscuit Day.

Who thinks of these things?

I mean, I’m glad that there are dog biscuits.

Blue certainly likes them.

In Wrigley’s last days, when she wasn’t eating much, she still loved her treats.

But a national day of celebration?

Is that going too far?

Do we even know if they are good?

I do recall that my brother, when he was 5 or 6, ate a dog biscuit.

Or maybe it was dog food.

I could ask him if he thinks this holiday is worthy.

He’ll probably deny that he ever ate such a disgusting thing.

But I remember.

At any rate, Blue has started obedience training, and the treats are sure coming in handy.

I guess that’s as good a reason as any to celebrate.

Happy National Dog Biscuit Day!

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Utilities! It’s the Ultimate Reason I Hate Snow a Whole Lot Less This Year.

I hate the snow a whole lot less this year

I Hate The Snow a Whole Lot Less This Year

I hate the snow a whole lot less, I have discovered, when I have working utilities.

I didn’t mind so much chatting outdoors with the neighbors in the bone-chilling cold while my feet were getting wet because I knew I would return to my well-heated home, turn on the lights, find dry socks, throw the wet socks in the dryer, and warm myself with a hot cup of coffee.

This is in stark contrast to last year when we had a statewide power outage during a record-setting arctic-chill snowstorm.

That was awful.

We had no lights, no heat, and no water.

Today it has warmed up, and the snow has mostly melted.

Except in the shady corners of the property.

Blue has found every single shady corner.

That dog is determined to wring every last little bit of fun that she can out of the snow.

Now it’s mostly mud.

And it’s all over my floors.

I keep mopping, and she keeps tracking it in.

I have begged the family to keep the doggie door closed.

That way we can clean her up before she comes into the house.

They keep opening up the doggy door.

“It’s a beautiful day,” they say, as if that somehow justifies the mud.

Yes, it’s a beautiful day.

I would prefer to keep the beautiful day outside.



It’s 19 Degrees This Morning

19 degrees

It’s 19 Degrees This Morning – Please Bring Your Pets Inside!

It’s 19 degrees this morning.

Everyone is being urged to bring their pets inside.

That’s very good advice.

But my dog doesn’t seem to care.

Blue is outside in the bitter cold stalking the woodpile.

There must be a rabbit out there.

Or maybe a ratsicle.

I was going to give her five more minutes.

But she came inside on her own.

I guess it’s too cold even for her.

The lure of the warm house was stronger than the lure of the bunny.

At least for today.

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An All Nighter! That’s How We’re Ringing in the New Year!

An all-nighter for New Years!

An all-nighter! That’s how we’re ringing in the New Year!

I wasn’t expecting an all-nighter.

We celebrated the New Year at a neighborhood street party.

I popped back home to check on Blue.

We had left her inside.

She doesn’t like being home alone.

When she’s lonely, she gets destructive.

Sure enough, she had made a huge mess.

Surprisingly, though, she didn’t get into the trash.

We had gotten takeout from Babe’s for dinner.

If I were Blue, I would have gobbled up that Babe’s garbage.

It was probably yummy.

I was finally ready for bed at 1:30.

But then the phone rang.

I’ve always told my kids to call me for a ride if they need it, no questions asked.

The Grown Son needed a ride home.

By the time we settled down for sleep again, it was well after 3:00.

I was exhausted.

At 5:00 Blue barked to go out.

Of course she barked to go out.

She had eaten an entire loaf of bread as well as the whole fruit bowl, and now she had to throw up.

It’s a predictable routine.

It’s been a long time since I pulled an all-nighter for New Year’s.

I kind of remember it being a lot more fun.

But yeah, that’s how we’re ringing in 2022.


Christmas Cookie Fails

Christmas cookie fails

Would it be a memorable holiday without some Christmas cookie fails? Blue made sure this holiday was memorable. What a numbskull!

The Christmas cookies were cooling on the racks.

I got busy with cleaning up.

Five minutes later, they were gone.

Every last cookie was gone.

And there was Blue, grinning from ear to ear.

Her tail was wagging like crazy.

“Thanks Mom,” she seemed to be gushing, “Those were my favorite.”

What a numbskull.

Me, I’m the numbskull.

I keep forgetting how big she is.

Wrigley was small and couldn’t reach the countertops.

Plus, she was regal and dignified and wouldn’t stoop to such nonsense.

Blue has no problem stooping to such nonsense.

There will probably be some Christmas cookie pukage tonight.

I scrubbed everything down and started baking a new batch.

Obedience class starts in January.

Merry Christmas!


I Got Played By The Dog.

I got played by the dog.

I Got Played By the Dog. Seriously? I Thought I Was Smarter Than That.

I got played by the dog.

Blue has been with us for two months.

She is settling in nicely.

Last night, at about 5:00, she did a happy dance by her bowl.

It was time for dinner.

She ate voraciously, as if she hadn’t been fed in a week.

Soon after she finished eating, Bob walked in and said, “I already fed her.”


I got played by the dog.

She manipulated Second Dinner out of me.

I sat her down and explained that she will destroy her girlish figure if she keeps this up.

She just smiled and wagged.

She has no regrets.

She’ll do it again if she gets the chance.

She won’t get the chance.

I’m on to her now.


The Rabbits Have Been Warned!

There's a new good girl in town.


Wrigley was a good girl.

She was The Best Dog Ever.

But she was a terrible hunter.

Her life was spent chasing rabbits and squirrels and cats and birds.

She never once caught anything.

On a few occasions, she cornered a critter.

But it always got away.

Blue, on the other hand, has proven herself to be quite a hunter.

This weekend, she killed her first rabbit.


Don’t get me wrong, I hate rabbits.

They’re destructive, evil garden wreckers disguised as adorable, fluffy Disney characters.

I don’t want the rabbits killed.

I just want them chased away.

Blue didn’t get that message.

She killed it.

Thankfully she didn’t know what to do with it once she broke its neck.

It was not as gross of an ordeal as it could have been.

I’m kind of horrified.

The Grown Son is proud.

The rabbits have been warned.

There’s a new good girl in town.

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Did We Learn Anything?

Did we learn anything?


Wrigley was the Best Dog Ever.

She was the Best Dog Ever, but she wasn’t perfect.

She refused to play with toys.

She was very cute, and she was very snuggly, but she never once played ball.

Now we have Blue.

The Grown Son is thrilled that Blue loves to play fetch.

She is also learning to play tug-of-war with her rope toy.

At first, she would give it up easily when we tugged on it.

Now she is learning about the fun of hanging on.

Last night the Grown Son pulled a prank on Blue.

He snuck down the darkened hallway and jumped out at her.

Oh goodness, that was an ill-advised incident.

It did not end well.

Blue was so surprised that she peed herself.

The Grown Son spent the rest of the evening snuggling her to apologize.

He couldn’t stop laughing about her reaction, but he felt horrible about scaring her.

Lesson learned – Blue is not ready for pranks.

Lesson learned – The person who scares the pee out of the dog has to clean it up.

Lesson learned – Blue forgave the Grown Son and all is well.