Sweaters and Boots. I’m So Excited It’s Fall!

Mostly True Memoirs

It’s the sweaters and boots time of year

Mostly True Memoirs

Sweaters and boots

Sweaters and Boots

Fall is in the air.

The afternoons are still hot, but the mornings and evenings are cool.

Soon enough, it will be sweaters-and-boots weather.

And I will be so happy!

I love sweaters and boots.

One thing I don’t like about fall is pumpkin spice lattes.

I never understood the lure.

They’re way too sickeningly sweet.

I’d rather eat pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies.

With black coffee.

Now that’s good eatin’.

There’s another fall thing that I don’t like.

But I can’t say what it is.

I’m the only woman in the history of the world that hates this thing.

Other women would feel betrayed if they knew.

They would fight me.


They would chase me down and tar and feather me.

My own family would be first in line.

For the sake of self preservation, I’ll just keep my opinion to myself.

My lips are sealed.

Eventually, this thing will run its course.

It always does.

Meanwhile, I get to wear sweaters and boots.


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