Spiders – Ewww. It’s that time of year again.

Mostly True Memoirs

Spiders – ewww

Mostly True Memoirs

Spiders - ewww

Spiders – Eww

Spiders – ewww.

On a walk through the park this morning, I stopped short.

Right there on the walking path was an enormous, hairy, mouse-sized spider.

I guess it was freaked out too because it was laid out flat and frozen in fear.

Like a deer in the headlights.

Taking a very, very wide berth, I simply carried on.

And then I stopped short again.

There was another one.

This one was standing tall on its long, creepy, spindly legs, ready to pounce.


I imagined they were planning to tag-team me, with one of them providing a distraction to let the other one attack.

I hobbled away as fast as my postop knee would carry me.

Which wasn’t fast at all.

I took another lap around the park.

The next time around, the massive spider troublemakers were gone.

Which is worse?

Seeing the freaky, creepy, icky Halloween spiders?

Or not seeing them?

But knowing they’re lurking nearby…

This is exactly why I don’t pose for pictures in the flower fields.

Spiders – ewww.


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