The Refrigerator Vegetable Drawer Could Really Work In A Pinch

Mostly True Memoirs

The refrigerator vegetable drawer could work in a pinch

Mostly True Memoirs

The refrigerator vegetable drawer could work in a pinch

The Refrigerator Vegetable Drawer

I have seen lots of disparaging Thanksgiving memes going around.

Apparently some people have been using their refrigerator vegetable drawer to brine the turkey.

It looks disgusting.


Yeah, you knew there was going to be a however in this story.

This morning, after I had prepared the turkey brine, I discovered that I don’t have any brining bags.

How did that happen?

I always make a note on my grocery list when I use the last of something.

Why didn’t I buy brining bags last year when I apparently used the last one?

Now what am I going to do?

I can’t go to the store to buy a new supply because it’s the day before Thanksgiving and no one will have any holiday merchandise in stock.

Can I use a garbage bag?

They’re certainly big enough, but are they food safe?

Probably not.

I can’t risk poisoning my family.

The refrigerator vegetable drawer, however, is food safe.

I know it’s safe because we’ve been eating out of it for years.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So yeah, I’m brining my turkey in the refrigerator vegetable drawer.

Yes, I will bleach everything down when I’m done.

And yes, I ordered a new package of brining bags.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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