It’s A Miracle – How In the World Did She Do That?

Mostly True Memoirs

It’s a miracle – how in the world did she do that?

Mostly True Memoirs

It's a miracle

It’s A Miracle!

I watched a woman decorate a cake on an IG reel.

It was a beautiful, intricate, detailed design.

She did all this while wearing a white shirt.

And she didn’t get one single drop of frosting on herself.

It’s a miracle!

How did she do that?

I spill on myself all the time.

I can’t even drink a cup of coffee without dribbling.

How in the world did she decorate this entire cake and still keep her shirt pristine?

Seriously, that was more amazing to me than the cake.

Pffft – anyone can decorate a cake.

It’s a miracle to keep your clothes clean while you do it.


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