Oh My, Now I’ll Have To Change the Names

Mostly True Memoirs

Oh my, now I’ll have to change the names

Mostly True Memoirs

Oh my, now I'll have to change the names

Oh My

I have recently met someone outrageous.

Outrageous, offensive, and unprofessional.

This is a person who you might think I would sever ties with.

But it’s like a train wreck.

I have to keep taking another look.

It’s so bad, it’s good.

It’s a demonstration of patently terrible leadership.

There is cursing, intimidating, bragging, and shaming happening at an alarming rate.

It’s like watching a bad comedy sketch play out in real life.

I’m taking copious notes.

One day I’ll write a story about it.

A fictionalized version, of course.

To paraphrase Dragnet, “The names will be changed to protect the innocent.”

Oh my.


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