It’s Why I’ve Got No Worries At All

Mostly True Memoirs

No worries at all

Mostly True Memoirs

No worries at all

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No Worries At All

I’ve been doing a lot of work with AI lately.  

I’m doing research and testing apps.  

Most of what I’ve discovered is absolutely amazing.  

But I’m not worried about my status as a writer.  

No worries at all.  

I’ve tested to see if AI can write a decent article.  

Several times, I’ve given different apps the same prompt.  

One of them overwrites, using pompous language that has to be rewritten.

Another one underwrites, repeating words and phrases that have to be revised.  

Yet another one never gives the word count that I want, always coming in with a substantially shorter article than I requested.  

I’ve found lots of spelling and grammatical and structural errors.  

And plenty of errors of fact.  

I asked for an analysis of the characters in a book.  

The response included an extra character that was never in that story.  

It also omitted an important character.  

I prompted it to incorporate that missing person, but it couldn’t recognize the name.  

Even though this was a main character.  

And every single time I ask any of the apps for something humorous, I get a lecture about being kind to others.  

Sometimes it delivers a response with the lecture, and other times it refuses altogether.  

I prompted AI to review my blog and write a post in my voice.  

None of the apps captured my voice at all.  

One of them did figure out that Bob is a recurring character.  

However, AI turned him into a hamster.  

Bob, a hamster?  

Now that’s funny.  

AI can do some amazing things.  

It’s an incredible tool.  

But it can’t replace a writer.

Liz Brenner

Everyone has a story to tell.

Even you.

Especially you.



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