Mostly True Memoirs

A Great Day

We saw the Cubs at the Rangers yesterday.

What an exciting game!

It was tied at 10 in the bottom of the ninth.

The Rangers got a walk-off run on a wild pitch to end the game.

It was very disappointing for us Cubs fans.

Meanwhile, the weather was a very odd factor.

It’s been kind of cool these past few days, so I wore a heavy jacket.

When we arrived, our seats were in the sun.

It was hot, so I took off my jacket.

Soon enough, however, the sun shifted.

We sat in the shade for the rest of the game.

And froze our butts off.

I zipped up my jacket, pulled on the hood, and was very glad that I found some mittens in the pockets. 

I wished I had also found a scarf and a blanket.

As the Jumbotron scanned the crowd, the sunny-side people were seen wearing short sleeves and looking kind of sweaty.

The shady-side people, on the other hand, were seen wearing jackets and hats and were shivering.

It’s hard to believe we were all in the same stadium.

The only disappointing part of the day, aside from the shade-induced frostbite, was that Brandon Morrow didn’t pitch.

I’ve been following him for years.

Brandon Morrow is my hero.

He is a Type 1 Diabetic AND a world-class athlete.

There are other T1Ds that could be a role model for my kids.

But they’re not particularly relevant to a young man.

Mary Tyler Moore (who?).

Sonya Sotomayor (meh).

Nick Jonas (….fuggedaboudit)

But Brandon Morrow…

Now there’s an amazing role model for any T1D kid to emulate.

Sorry we missed you Brandon – we’ll be following you all season.


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