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It’s a Sad Day for the Arts

It's a Sad Day for the Arts

It’s a sad day for the arts.

Larry McMurty has passed. He wrote Lonesome Dove. That was his most famous book, but he wrote lots and lots of other books including Horseman Pass By, Leaving Cheyanne and The Last Picture Show. Lonesome Dove was by far my favorite McMurtry Book. I just love the love/hate friendship between Woodrow and Gus. I may have to re-read that book to honor McMurtry’s passing.

Beverly Cleary has passed. She wrote an enormous collection of children’s books. Her most famous is the Ramona The Pest series which included Ramona and Beezus and Henry and Ribsy. She also wrote the Ralph Mouse series and Ellen Tebbits. I read every single book she wrote when I was a kid. She had the rare ability to capture the true spirit of a child in her stories. Beverly Cleary will be missed, but her books will live on because they are timeless.

Jessica Walter has passed. She had a prolific acting career, but I will remember her best as Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development. She was a very lovely lady, so I’m sure she had a lot of fun playing such a self-absorbed sourpuss of a character. I’m going to have to re-watch Arrested Development and pay special attention to her character because her quotes are scathing gems.

Dr. Seuss said once, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

It’s a sad day for the arts.

But I’m smiling because it happened.

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The Porta Potty Guy

The Porta Potty Guy


I was driving down a two-lane country road.

I kept plenty of room between me and the pick-up in front of me.

The guy behind me was annoyed.

He wanted me to speed up.

I refused.

He rage-lane-changed around me.

And then he pulled up short.

And slowed down to give the truck in front plenty of room.

Yeah, the guy in front was hauling a couple of Porta Potties.

You’d have to be in a crazy-insane kind of hurry to crowd the Porta-Potty Guy.

I’ve never been in that kind of a hurry.

I’ll never be in that kind of a hurry.

But if anyone ever wants to test it out, it would be very entertaining to watch.


Pulling Splinters Out Of My Hands

Pulling splinters out of my hands


I spent the morning doing yard work.

I trimmed an overgrown Crape Myrtle.

I prepped my vegetable garden.

I turned the compost.

I spent the entire morning outside in the yard.

I spent the entire afternoon inside on the couch binge watching Bosch.

And pulling splinters out of my hands.


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That’s Bad News For Me

That's bad news for me


I read an article that said that tall women tend to have a longer life span.


That’s bad news for me.

In my mind I can hear the Grown Sons scoffing.

It sucks to be you,” is what they might say.

Or, “That sounds like a you problem, not a me problem.”

Now I’m mad.

Their imaginary disrespect is insulting.

That’s it – I’m leaving everything I have to the dog.

And that may happen very soon, according to the article that I read.


A Grocery Clerk with an Attitude

A grocery clerk with an attitude


Nothing says IDGAF like a grocery clerk with an attitude.

Who manhandles all of my items.

And processes the entire order one handed.

While rage sighing throughout the entire transaction.

I know he’s tired.

We’re all tired.

It’s been a long ordeal here in Texas.

But come on, seriously?


If I Never See Snow Again…

If I never see snow again...


That was the weirdest week of my life.

Now I know how the Donner Party felt.

If it had gone on any longer, I might have turned into Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Honey, I’m hooome.”

At one point, three days in, with no power and no water and freaking frigid temperatures, the electricity finally came back on.

I was like a kid at Christmas!

I bustled about, tidying up, anticipating the house heating up.

I was especially waiting for the water heater.

Oh, how I wanted hot water.

And then….

And then the power went out again.

I could have wept for my lost shower opportunity.

I zipped my parka back up and plopped back under all of my blankets.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And…finally…the power came back on!

This time I was more cautious.

It might not last.

After an hour, I thought that maybe the electricity was here to stay.

Should I take a shower?

By this time it was late at night.

If we lost power again, I would be stranded in the pitch dark.

In single-digit temperatures.

Should I risk it?

We’re still on boil-water orders.

What if the water isn’t clean?

Oh, but what the heck.

I’ve waited long enough.

I brought a flashlight just in case.

It was the most glorious shower I have ever had in my life.

If I had gotten violently ill from dirty water, it still would have been worth it.

But I didn’t get sick.

If I never see snow again, it will be too soon.

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The Conditions are Blizzard Like

The conditions are blizzard like


I decided to put on my snow gear and take a walk in the zero-degree Texas snowstorm.

On top of many layers of clothing, I put on my Polaris snow boots.

I put on my Lands End subzero jacket.

I put on a cap, a neck gator, a scarf and ski gloves.

I was actually pretty warm.

Except for my eyeballs.

My eyeballs were the only part of me exposed.

And they were so cold they hurt.

The news says that the conditions are blizzard like.

But I’m not so sure about that.

Yeah, it was windy.

And cold.

And the snow was coming down furiously.

But there was plenty of visibility.

I’ll admit that this California girl doesn’t know much about blizzards.

But I did read Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid.

They would worry about Pa finding his way from the house to the barn and back again.

Pa would not lose his way today.

He might get frostbite.

But he could easily find his way through this snow.

Blizzard – ha!

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Put Down That Fork

Put down that fork


Today I have an appointment.

What might have been just an errand a year ago is now an occasion.

I put on real pants, not yoga pants.

I put on real shoes, not slippers.

And all I can say is, “OUCH!”

Everything is too tight.

Well now I know what I need to do.

I’m going to dress in real clothes every day from now on.

The pain and suffering will remind me to PUT DOWN THAT FORK!

That’s how it works, right?

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Random Acts of Mild Aggravation

Random Acts of Mild Aggravation


The Grown Son was insulted that I criticized the housekeeping standards of his truck.

He began a revenge campaign of Random Acts of Mild Aggravation.

He moved the cereal to a different pantry shelf.

He left several cabinet doors open.

He fiddled with the knobs on the dryer.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

In college, we did the exact same thing to one of our roommates.

We didn’t take anything, and we didn’t break anything.

We simply “adjusted” everything in her room.

She wasn’t amused.

In fact, she was quite angry.

That roommate will be pleased to know that Karma has finally caught up with me.

She won’t be so pleased to know that I still think it’s funny.

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Today I Swept the Leaves

Today I swept the leaves

Today I swept the leaves off the front porch.

Then the wind picked up.

And deposited a brand new mess in its place.

Maybe I should consider living in squalor.

It would certainly be a more efficient method of keeping house.