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It’s The Perfect New Nickname For My Dog

Mostly True Memoirs

Blue created her own perfect new nickname.

Mostly True Memoirs

The Perfect New Nickname For My Dog

The Perfect New Nickname

Blue created her own perfect new nickname.

I was drinking my coffee on the patio at 6:00 in the morning.

I kept the porch lights off so I could enjoy the lovely, pleasant dawn.

Blue was running around doing doggy things.

At one point, she approached me with a rope toy in her mouth.

Keep in mind that it was still dark and shadowy at that early hour.

Blue is an all-black dog, and I couldn’t see her well.

As she moved in closer, I could see her better.

I nearly screamed.

But I contained it because it was too early to scare the neighbors.

Blue was not holding a rope toy.

She was holding a rabbit.

A dead rabbit.

One that she had presumably just killed.

She was proudly offering it up to me.


Ewww, ewww, ewww.


My leg, still in a brace, was resting on the opposite chair.

My crutches were in the other direction.

And that rabbit was coming closer and closer and closer.

“Good girl, Blue. Drop it Blue,” I encouraged desperately.

Thankfully, she dropped it.

I hustled her into the house and hobbled in after her.

Now what do I do?

Is a dead rabbit a good reason to wake Bob up this early?

Luckily, he was already up.

He burst out laughing when I told him what happened.

I informed him that this isn’t funny.

Somebunny is not coming home for dinner tonight.

It’s a tragic moment for wildlife.

He laughed some more and quoted Elmer Fudd while he shoveled.

It’s the perfect new nickname for Blue –  The Bunny Assassinator.


4 replies on “It’s The Perfect New Nickname For My Dog”

My German Shepherd, Max (100#) bolted away (on a retractable leash) after a fawn that suddenly appeared next to us while walking. He then raced down a canyon into a huge pond from a monsoon storm, swam w/ leash bobbing chasing the fawn which was crying and caught her leg, adult deer appeared on the other side of canyon so he bolted up and after them. I think the fawn drowned and truly, all I worried abt. was Max, w/ leash hanging hooked on choke chain, galloping off amidst shrubs and small trees. OMG. I blew whistle, pushed electric collar remote to no avail! after about 20 m. a woman I had commiserated w/ on the st. was driving to work and spied my miserable dog a mile away on the st, stopped, opened her door, and he jumped in. (leash wound around back legs sohe was hobbled). She turned around and brought him to me. By then I was in tears, imagining him choking due to leash and handle around some bush. Are dogs fun? Hmmm/ sometimes and other times just a pain in the butt.:)
I’m glad Max is OK. I had just started an obedience class with Blue before I hurt my knee. My guys have to walk her now. She’s really good on the leash, unless she sees a squirrel. At this point, she would pull me off my feet. When I’m able, I’ll take her back to the obedience class. Too bad you live far away, otherwise you and Max could join me!

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