“Absolutely I Do,” Were Probably The Terms Of Their Agreement

Mostly True Memoirs

“Absolutely I do,” probably sealed that deal

Mostly True Memoirs

"Absolutely I Do," was probably the terms of that agreement

“Absolutely I Do.”

“Absolutely I do,” probably sealed that deal.

We have a life-size Wrigley statue that we keep just outside the back door.

During a recent torrential, record-breaking downpour, there was a little bunny taking shelter under the Wrigley shrine.

Blue was itching to chase it.

I’ll bet Wrigley’s spirit was really annoyed to be caught in this situation.

She hated rabbits as much as Blue does.

Providing shelter to the enemy would be a horrifying prospect.

However, now that I think about it, maybe Wrigley would be happy.

Because of that whole ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ thing.

The rabbits obviously hate Blue.

The dogs wouldn’t have liked each other either.

Wrigley was dignified and regal.

Blue is a doofus.

Or a Bloofus as we often call her.

Wrigley would have had no patience for Blue’s antics.

“Absolutely I do,” is what Wrigley probably said when the rabbit suggested the alliance.

Just like Pam said to Dwight on The Office.


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