Today Is The Perfect Day to Celebrate Blue!

Mostly True Memoirs

A day to celebrate Blue.

Mostly True Memoirs

It's National Dog day!

It’s National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day.

A day to celebrate Blue.

We’ve had her for nearly a year.

Blue is always happy.

She’s got a perpetual smile on her face, and her tail is always wagging.

And she’s always, always, always ready to play.

Blue loves to roughhouse with the Grown Son.

She knows, instinctively, not to be rough with me.

If I touch her while they’re playing, she immediately calms down.

When the Grown Son has had enough, he’ll beg me to make her stop.

But sometimes I pretend I don’t hear him.

It’s payback for all the times he doesn’t hear me asking him to do something.

Yep, Blue is a never-ending source of entertainment.


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