The Ultimate Excuse – The Dog Ate My Homework!

Mostly True Memoirs

The dog ate my homework!

Mostly True Memoirs

The dog really did eat my homework!

The Dog Ate My Homework!

The Grown Son called me in a panic while I was out.

Blue ate one of your books,” he informed me.

The Grown Son knows that I am very sentimental about my books.

Uh oh.

Just this week, I had attended a book tour presentation and got an inscribed copy of Craig Johnson’s new release, Hell and Back.

I hope she didn’t eat that one.

I’d be mad.

“What book did she eat?”

“I can’t tell. She hardly left any scraps.”


Where was she when I was in school and needed a “the dog ate my homework” excuse?

I thought we were past this stage of training.

She hasn’t wrecked anything in ages.

The Grown Son scavenged through the debris field to figure it out.

It was Happy Go Lucky by David Sedaris.

I’ve attended many of David Sedaris’ book tours, and I have several signed volumes.

Luckily, this one wasn’t a signed edition.

I’m still not happy, but it was the least amount of damage the dog could have done.

The Grown Son scolded Blue who immediately peed herself.

Hopefully she learned her lesson and will never do that again.

I suppose I should be happy that my family is devouring literature.

Although this is not exactly how I envisioned it happening.


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