The Movie Is Never As Good As The Book

Mostly True Memoirs

This movie was great

Mostly True Memoirs

This movie was great!

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It’s A Great Movie!

I didn’t know that As I Lay Dying was made into a movie.

How did I miss that?

I would have thought it would be an old, classic flick.

But it’s modern.



I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this movie followed the book closely.

Most film adaptations take wild liberties with the story.

The book is always better than the movie.

Well, almost always.

This movie was really good.

But when it was over, I felt mildly disturbed.

It’s not a happy-ever-after kind of story.

I had to watch a few episodes of Seinfeld to clear my brain out.

There’s nothing like a little Kramer to help you forget, well, everything.

The same actors also made The Sound and The Fury.

I’ll have to watch that, too.

But I’ll give it  a week or so.

There’s only so much Faulkner you can take at one time.

Liz Brenner

Everyone has a story to tell.

Even you.

Especially you.



4 replies on “The Movie Is Never As Good As The Book”

As a reader I have never had aby difficulty separating the book from an adaption, as they are two different mediums so a lot of things are easier to do in a book.
For example it does not cost you any extra in a book if you have an army of 500 or 30,000 or even a million (an exaggeration to make a point) but in a movie there are costs involved even with modern technology

I think if you realise that they are two different mediums and try and seperate the 2 formats even though they should be the same story

Yeah, I get it, the book has to be adjusted to be made into a movie. But it’s amazing when adjustments don’t have to be made and the movie can follow the same spirit as the book.

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