The Ultimate Way To Help The Bendy Parts Bend

Mostly True Memoirs

A Sure-Fire Way To Help The Bendy Parts Bend

Those @#! Bendy Parts!

The problem with knee surgery recovery is that the bendy parts don’t want to bend.

But if I’m ever going to walk again, the bendy parts are going to have to bend.

Do you see where I’m going with this?


I do want to walk again.

So I bend.

I may or may not be dropping a couple of f-bombs along the way.

There’s really no way to confirm those rumors.

Studies have shown that cursing really does help to relieve the pain.

I read it on Wikipedia so it’s got to be true.


Thank Goodness For Small Mercies

Mostly True Memoirs

Thank goodness for small mercies - he can still flip the bird!

Thank Goodness For Flipping The Bird!

Thank goodness.

Bob got his big cast off.

Now he’s in a wrist splint.

He’s quite sore, and he has to take it easy.

The doctor gave him instructions to bend his elbow back and forth, to twist his forearm palm up and palm down, and to squeeze his fist in and out.

He has been doing all that as well as testing out different motions.

We are thrilled to confirm that his bird-flipping abilities are intact.

Thank goodness for small mercies.