The Ultimate Way To Help The Bendy Parts Bend

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A Sure-Fire Way To Help The Bendy Parts Bend

Those @#! Bendy Parts!

The problem with knee surgery recovery is that the bendy parts don’t want to bend.

But if I’m ever going to walk again, the bendy parts are going to have to bend.

Do you see where I’m going with this?


I do want to walk again.

So I bend.

I may or may not be dropping a couple of f-bombs along the way.

There’s really no way to confirm those rumors.

Studies have shown that cursing really does help to relieve the pain.

I read it on Wikipedia so it’s got to be true.


Here’s The Best Way to Prepare For That Dreaded Winter Storm

Mostly True Memoirs

Prepare for that dreaded winter storm.

Here’s The Best Way to Prepare For That Dreaded Winter Storm

Here’s the best way to prepare for that dreaded winter storm. When you’ve had enough of the freezing temperatures – start complaining!

A year ago, on Groundhog Day, winter was predicted for six more weeks.

I didn’t mind because we were having a lovely, mild winter.

And then the storm hit.

We had snow and ice and single-digit temperatures.

And no power or water for many days.

It was awful.

I swore off snow.

I never wanted to see it again.

This year, again, the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter.

And right on schedule, it’s snowing.

This time, however, it’s only a dusting of snow.

It’s supposed to stop before noon.

But the freezing temperatures are going to last for a couple more days.

Luckily, we still have power and water.

As long as we have utilities, I’m not going to complain.

But I’m prepared.

Prepared to complain.

If you hear some very loud curse words from somewhere in the middle of the country, that means the power’s gone out.

And I’m mad.