We Took the Kayaks Out

Mostly True Memoirs

We took the kayaks out

We took the kayaks out to Lake Palo Pinto for their maiden voyage.

We paddled and paddled and paddled and paddled and paddled.

And then realized that we had to row back in.

It was windy and hot and uphill in every direction.

I lost my will to live somewhere around the Palo Pinto Dam.

It sank right to the bottom of the lake.

When we returned, we had a cold beer and a hot meal waiting for us.

So it was all good.

If anyone ever finds my will to live out there, just reel it in, and I’ll come and pick it up.

But maybe not with the kayaks.

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Well us simple folk row our boats (especially if your name is Michael) and we paddle our kayak and canoes… 😂😉

I observed a will to live floating by our dock today.

It was tightly wound up an and in a empty bottle of Corona Familiar, un capped

The lake was smooth and the will was dry and safe

It’s resting upon the south shore now

To be retrieved and returned to the tired soul that relinquished it

The soul is not permanently lost just resting for another day

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