At The Crowded Grocery Store

Mostly True Memoirs

At the crowded grocery store

I ran into the grocery store for some milk.

Holy smokes – it was crowded!

Who knew that New Years Eve was such a big grocery shopping day?

The aisles were jam packed with lame-brained shoppers blocking the aisles while texting, arguing with each other or just looking lost and bewildered.

I seriously wanted to tackle a few of those aisle-blockers.

But I didn’t.

I got my milk and stood in the very long quick-check line.

A woman stormed by, angry, yelling on her phone.

“…and I just HAD to come to the f**ing grocery store today!”

I burst out laughing.

I wasn’t laughing at her.

I was laughing with her.

For whatever that’s worth.

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