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He Was Smiling At Me

Mostly True Memoirs

He was smiling at me.


I am the person who has to turn off the music to find an address.


I can’t listen and look at the same time.

And now, I find that I am also the person who can’t hear when someone is wearing a mask.


Oh, I hear their voice.

But I can’t figure out what they have said.

All I see is their dead eyes.

The facial expression is lacking with a mask.

Today a guy gestured for me to go ahead in the grocery store, but I couldn’t understand a word he said.

I couldn’t tell if he was frowning as if to say, “Move along, you stupid woman,” or if he was smiling as if to say, “You first, Ma’am.”

I can only assume that he was smiling at me.

Yeah, that’s what he was doing.

He was smiling at me.

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