The Crazy Liquor Laws in Texas

the crazy liquor laws in Texas


I’ll never get used to the crazy liquor laws in Texas.

In Texas, the grocery stores only sell beer and wine.

You have to go to a liquor store to buy anything else.

I don’t drink much, so I always forget.

I am out of vermouth.

I don’t even like to drink it, but I cook with it.

The liquor store is right near the grocery store, and it would be no problem to pop in.

If only I could remember to do it.

I decided to make a special trip to the liquor store today.

I even remembered that in Texas, you can’t buy any alcohol before noon on Sundays.

I planned my shopping trip for this afternoon.

Only to find out that the liquor store is closed on Sundays.


I googled all the other nearby liquor stores.

They are also closed on Sundays.

Why in the world would a liquor store close on a Sunday?

The day of rest is why we need liquor in the first place.


I’ll go on Monday.

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