The Conditions are Blizzard Like

Mostly True Memoirs

The conditions are blizzard like


I decided to put on my snow gear and take a walk in the zero-degree Texas snowstorm.

On top of many layers of clothing, I put on my Polaris snow boots.

I put on my Lands End subzero jacket.

I put on a cap, a neck gator, a scarf and ski gloves.

I was actually pretty warm.

Except for my eyeballs.

My eyeballs were the only part of me exposed.

And they were so cold they hurt.

The news says that the conditions are blizzard like.

But I’m not so sure about that.

Yeah, it was windy.

And cold.

And the snow was coming down furiously.

But there was plenty of visibility.

I’ll admit that this California girl doesn’t know much about blizzards.

But I did read Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid.

They would worry about Pa finding his way from the house to the barn and back again.

Pa would not lose his way today.

He might get frostbite.

But he could easily find his way through this snow.

Blizzard – ha!

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