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A Special Birthday Dinner!

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A special birthday dinner

A Special Birthday Dinner! Why Can’t The Birthday Boy Choose the Menu?

A special birthday dinner! Why can’t the birthday boy choose the menu? He’s finally old enough to make some great dinner choices.

The Grown Son had another birthday.

He requested tri-tip for dinner.

With corn bread and potatoes.

I objected.

That’s way too many carbs in one meal.

He begged.

Shouldn’t he get to choose the menu?

Yeah, he’s diabetic, but doesn’t he still deserve a special feast?

I relented.

We’ll have cornbread and potatoes but only if he also agrees to a vegetable.

He argued.

I held my ground.

He conceded.

“OK,” he agreed, “You can make green beans.”

I noted that he said that I can make them.

He did not say that he would eat them.

Yeah, I’m wise to his ways.

However, he did eat a serving of green beans with his dinner.

I guess enough trips around the sun has had a maturing effect on him.

Happy birthday, Kiddo!

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