Happy New Year 2023!

Mostly True Memoirs

Happy New Year 2023!

Mostly True Memoirs

Happy New Year 2023!

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It’s A Party!

Happy New Year 2023!

We went to a New Year’s Eve block party.

There were bonfires in the driveways.

At the end of the street, some guys were setting off fireworks.

Yeah, it was insane.

The same thing was happening on nearly every block in the neighborhood.

A cop car appeared in the distance.

The people who were putting on the show scrambled to clean up, and they disappeared as the patrol car approached.

“I don’t care about the fireworks,” the officer said to our group, “I’ve heard reports of a rifle being shot. Do you know anything about that?”

Several guys stepped up and told him where they heard the shots coming from.

After the cop left, I asked them if they had said that just to get rid of him.

But no, apparently these Texas men can tell the difference between a rifle boom and a fireworks boom.

The real question is – why are we hanging around outside when someone is shooting a rifle in the next block?

It was as good a time as any to move the party indoors.

Happy New Year 2023!



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