Darnit January, Why Are You Being So Difficult?

Mostly True Memoirs

Darnit, January!

Mostly True Memoirs

Darnit January!

Darnit January!

Oh January.

That stark, bleak month when all the Christmas goodies have disappeared from the house.

Several times a day I’ll rummage through the kitchen, hopful that maybe this time I’ll find a hidden cookie or candy.

I never find it.

There are no more treats in this house.

An hour or so later, I’ll rummage again.

Maybe this time I’ll find a sweet.

I never find it.

Old Mother Hubbard has made her annual appearance.

The cupboards are most certainly bare.

All the sweets have been purged.

There are only healthy things to eat now.

I know this.

But still, I rummage, ever hopeful.

Darnit, January.


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