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An All Nighter! That’s How We’re Ringing in the New Year!

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An all-nighter for New Years!

An all-nighter! That’s how we’re ringing in the New Year!

I wasn’t expecting an all-nighter.

We celebrated the New Year at a neighborhood street party.

I popped back home to check on Blue.

We had left her inside.

She doesn’t like being home alone.

When she’s lonely, she gets destructive.

Sure enough, she had made a huge mess.

Surprisingly, though, she didn’t get into the trash.

We had gotten takeout from Babe’s for dinner.

If I were Blue, I would have gobbled up that Babe’s garbage.

It was probably yummy.

I was finally ready for bed at 1:30.

But then the phone rang.

I’ve always told my kids to call me for a ride if they need it, no questions asked.

The Grown Son needed a ride home.

By the time we settled down for sleep again, it was well after 3:00.

I was exhausted.

At 5:00 Blue barked to go out.

Of course she barked to go out.

She had eaten an entire loaf of bread as well as the whole fruit bowl, and now she had to throw up.

It’s a predictable routine.

It’s been a long time since I pulled an all-nighter for New Year’s.

I kind of remember it being a lot more fun.

But yeah, that’s how we’re ringing in 2022.

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