You Catch More Flies With Honey, But Honey Has Its Limits

Mostly True Memoirs

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Mostly True Memoirs

You catch more flies with honey

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You Catch More Flies With Honey

You might think that the hardest part of T1 diabetes would be the injections.

Or maybe the middle-of-the-night lows.

Or maybe all of the finger sticks.

And yeah, it’s all tough.

But it’s not the worst thing.

The worst part of T1 diabetes is the phone calls.


They’ll drive you right over the edge.

The Grown Son saw the doctor and had blood work in December.

Since that time, he’s made many phone calls to the doctor’s office to ask them to call his prescriptions in to the pharmacy.

They say they’ll do it.

But it hasn’t been done.

Today the Grown Son asked me to make some calls to see if I could make any headway on his behalf.

The doctor’s office told me that they couldn’t call in the prescriptions because he hadn’t been seen in a year.

I took a deep breath.

I reminded myself that you catch more flies with honey.

And I carried on.

“He was seen in December,” I told the lady on the phone, “Which was technically last year but in reality was six weeks ago. Please call in his prescriptions.”

“But he hasn’t had blood work done in a year,” she continued.

“Again, ‘last year’ was six weeks ago,” I kept my cool, “He’s right on schedule with his blood work. Please call in his prescriptions.”

“He needs to be seen every quarter with blood work, otherwise we can’t continue his prescriptions.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied, dripping with honey, “He was seen, with blood work, in September and again in December, and he has an upcoming appointment in March. He’s right on schedule. Please call in his prescriptions.”

It took an eternity for this lady to realize that “last year” was just six weeks ago.

She finally agreed to call in his prescriptions.

I thanked her for her time.

Because you catch more flies with honey.

As soon as I hung up, though, I called her every foul name in the book.

Honey has its limits.



3 replies on “You Catch More Flies With Honey, But Honey Has Its Limits”

It is not easy dealing some of the individuals we encounter via phone.
I’m with you in wanting to scream in their faces: “come on, get a grip and
realize what you are(or aren’t) saying.” ARGHHH!! Patience has its imits.Good for you, Liz, for just sticking to your goal

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