My Wheeled Office Chair

Mostly True Memoirs

My wheeled office chair


My home office has a polished concrete floor.

I like to zoom around the room on my wheeled office chair.

Yeah, I know, I’m easily entertained.

The other day, I heard a metallic clinking sound.

I looked around to see what fell.

I saw nothing, and I was busy, so I forgot about it.

Last night, when I launched myself across the room, disaster struck.

Apparently the clinking sound I heard was hardware falling off of the underside of the seat.

Mid zoom, the chair disintegrated, and I careened to the floor in a pile of rubble.

I now have a golf-ball sized welt on my keester with a blossoming purple and green bruise.

And the chair is DOA.

Will I continue to zoom in my new chair?

Of course.

I won’t give up on that kind of entertainment.

However, I will now periodically tighten all the screws.

One pain in the a** is more than enough.