family storytelling

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl scout cookies


Our next door neighbor has a little girl scout.

Last night at about 9:00, I was craving some cookies.

Bob texted the neighbor.

“You up? Got any cookies?”

The kid was in bed, but the dad came over.

He gave us our stuff.

We gave him some cash.

It felt like a drug deal.

I got my fix.

It’s all good.

family storytelling

A Sharp Kitchen Knife

A sharp kitchen knife


I am missing a sharp kitchen knife.

I asked the Grown Sons if either of them had it in their room.

They were both offended at the question.


Their rooms are where coffee cups, cereal bowls and silverware go to die.

Wet towels migrate into their man caves to propagate mold.

They have been known to pilfer scissors, nail clippers, phone chargers and mechanical pencils.

And break every single one of them.

So yeah, I asked the question.

Each of them pointed the finger at his brother.

Now I’m a bit paranoid.

It was only a small utility knife.

I don’t suppose they’re planning to stab me in my sleep.

Although they could perhaps carry out a good scratching.

Cue the Psycho knife stabbing music…