My Revenge Game

Mostly True Memoirs

I need to work on my revenge game.

Mostly True Memoirs

Revenge Game

I need to work on my revenge game.

Bob had to get up very, very, very early this morning.

His alarm woke me up.

Fair enough.

I went back to sleep.

However, he left his phone on the nightstand.

In snooze mode.

Nine minutes later, when I barreled furiously into the kitchen, he said cheerily, “what are YOU doing up so early?”

I don’t usually curse.

I made an exception this morning.

However, something went wrong in the execution.

Bob just laughed.

Lacking a Plan B at last-night-o’clock in the morning, I murderously stared him down, and methodically turned on every light in the house.

Just to annoy him.

Again, he laughed.

He turned off all of the lights and apologized for the snooze thing.

I’m going to have to work on my revenge game.

I’m getting weak.

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