Left Turns in Texas

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Left turns in Texas

Left turns in Texas drive me crazy.

I have lived in this state for a year now.

And there’s one thing that I just don’t understand.

Maybe someone can explain it to me.

In the left turn lane, with a flashing yellow arrow,

WHY doesn’t the car move ahead into the intersection?

The car always stays behind the limit line.

From that point, there is often no opportunity to make the left turn.

It can take two or three cycles for even one car to move ahead.

Why don’t they pull up?

Is it a law?

Texans are otherwise very aggressive drivers.

Why are they so weak on left turns?

I’m not sure if it’s a law to stay behind the limit line, or if Texans are just weirdly polite about it.

I silently seethe.

And wait my turn.

To make left turns in Texas.

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Us Texans are a Right Turning Herd, only a limited amount of turning left is allowed. Did you read the Handbook!

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