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It Had Better Be Freaking Delicious

Mostly True Memoirs

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When we moved in, the backyard was not at all landscaped.

There was just grass and a fence.

I’ve planted trees and flowers.

They’re growing like crazy.

I’ve planted a row of blackberry bushes.

They’re growing like crazy.

I’ve planted a vegetable garden.

For some reason, the vegetables are floundering.

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions.

I’ve spent the entire summer planting and replanting the vegetables.

Finally, in the middle of August, we have one pepper that has bloomed.

That one pepper is going to be the most expensive, pampered vegetable that was ever grown.

I could have bought a pepper in the grocery store for a quarter.

All I can say is that for the amount of effort that I have poured into that one pepper, it had better be freaking delicious.

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