The Snooze Button

Mostly True Memoirs

the snooze button

I don’t like the snooze button.

The few times I tried it, I was crippled with anxiety, waiting for the alarm to startle me again.

How in the world can someone go back to sleep under those conditions?

Apparently my kid can.

His bedroom is right next to my home office, and every morning (or afternoon, depending on his schedule) the snooze button goes off every nine minutes for what seems like hours.

He denies it.

But he’s asleep, so who are you going to believe?

This morning his alarm started going off at 7:00 am.

It continued every nine minutes.

At 8:00 I needed to go out, but his car was blocking mine.

Since he’d been trying to get up for an hour anyway, I woke him up to move his car.

He was angry that I woke him up so early.


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