The Holly Bushes in my Front Yard

the holly bushes in my front yard


I put spider webbing all over the holly bushes in my front yard.

It looked good and spooky.

I never really thought about how I was going to take it down.

Holly is a beautiful, sentimental, Christmasy sort of plant.

But it’s got evil, Halloweeny, razor-sharp leaves.

And all I had in the house were crayon band-aids from our recent ER visit.

Next year I will decorate the front door and the oak tree.

But not the vicious holly bushes.

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October Has Been a Rough Month

October has been a rough month

October has been a rough month.

I’ve been to several on-line funerals.

It’s been hard to keep my mind on the regular things.

This morning the Grown Son walked into my office.

“What’s THAT for?” he asked, pointing to the rainbow clown wig on my desk.

“I wore that to a Halloween-themed Toastmasters meeting,” I told him.

“Seriously?” he asked, horrified, “You didn’t wear that to the funeral service did you?”

I burst out laughing.

Of course I didn’t wear a rainbow clown wig to a funeral service.

But thanks for the laugh, Kid, I needed that.