This California Girl Is Prepared For Anything

Mostly True Memoirs

I’m prepared for anything

Mostly True Memoirs

Prepared for anything

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Prepared For Anything

You can take the girl out of California.

But you can’t take the California out of the girl.

We’re in the middle of Snowmageddon 2023 here in North Texas.

The snow isn’t actually that bad.

It’s the ice that’s the problem.

I can’t get to the grocery store.

I thought this storm was going to be a one-day event.

It’s turning into a week-long thing.

We’re running out of food.

But not really.

Because this California girl is prepared for anything.

I’ve always got earthquake supplies.

We ran out of fresh milk.

But I’ve got plenty of the powered stuff.

Don’t get me wrong – powered milk is disgusting to drink.

But it’s fine for cooking.

I used powered milk to make chicken and dumplings.

And pancakes.

We might run out of sandwich things before this is over.

But I’ve got plenty of burrito fixings stashed away.

No one goes hungry around here.

When this is over, I’ll have to restock my earthquake supplies.

If we have a disaster before then, I’m not worried.

I have a second tier of disaster supplies.

This California girl is prepared for anything.

Except maybe a tornado.

I’ll never be ready for that.



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