Maybe Next Year, But This Year It’s Too Risky.

Mostly True Memoirs

Maybe next year

Mostly True Memoirs

Maybe next year, but this year it's too risky.

Maybe Next Year

Snow! It’s snowing!

We get snow every winter, but usually it’s just a dusting.

The problem this year is that it’s more rain than snow, and it’s all turning to ice.

I put on my winter gear and set off outside to check out the winter wonderland.

And then I turned and went right back inside.

My postop knee is about 70% recovered, but that 30% of wobble was terrified of the ice.

Ice is everywhere, even in places that usually stay dry.

The last thing I need is a slip-and-fall accident.

Yeah, nah, I’ll pass.

I’m not gonna do it.

I’ll enjoy the winter wonderland from indoors.

Sorry, winter boots, we’re sitting this one out.

Maybe next year we’ll walk in the snow.


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