I Have One Brown Thumb and One Green Thumb

Mostly True Memoirs

I have one brown thumb and one green thumb

Mostly True Memoirs

One brown thumb and one green thumb

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One Brown Thumb

I have one brown thumb and one green thumb.

On the one hand, the trees are doing great.

Several years ago, I planted a row of Chaste trees with the intention of creating shade from the brutally hot sunrises in the summertime.

These are very fast-growing trees, and this summer it seems like we will finally have shade from our beautiful and lush trees.

I planted several crepe myrtles around the property.

They are growing beautifully.

One of them appeared to have suffered from the ice storms we had in the winter, but with some TLC, it is growing and healthy.

We have a mature crepe myrtle that had some terrible disease and we thought we lost the tree, but it, too, is coming back strong.

Our oak in the front yard suffered some damage in the Snowpocalypse of 2022, but it, too, is bouncing back to good health.

I planted a row of blackberry bushes and they are thriving and producing tons of fruit.

I put in  some purple hyacinth bean vines to climb up a trellis, and they are growing like crazy.

On the other hand, my vegetable garden is not doing well.

All of the plants look kind of scrawny and pathetic.

Except for the pumpkins.

The pumpkins have taken over the garden.

We will have a billion jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

But very scant tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

One brown thumb and one green thumb.

Liz Brenner

Everyone has a story to tell.

Even you.

Especially you.



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