Mostly True Memoirs

Culture Shock

Oh goodness.

Today I had some extra time in class.

So I asked my online English student what I foods I would eat if I visited his tiny, remote village.

I expected to hear about noodles and seafood.

He proudly recommended his mother’s mouse meat.

Um, what? Excuse me?

I asked him to write it in the chat box, just to make sure I heard him correctly.

I heard right.

Mouse meat.

Yeah, no.

I’ll pass.

Mostly True Memoirs


I binge-watched Fleabag on Amazon Prime.

It won a bunch of Emmys so I had to check it out.


What a fabulous example of amazing script writing.

It’s gritty and off-color.

And very, very funny.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

I’ll just say that the fourth-wall element was incredible.

And it wrapped up beautifully with that wave at the end.

This story has a little bit of everything.

Comedy, grief, guilt, guinea pigs, love, acceptance, sin and redemption. And some theft.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge not only starred in the series, she wrote it too.

Now I have to stalk her and check out all of her work.

Mostly True Memoirs

That’ll Teach Him

At the baseball stadium, a little kid was sitting in front of me, eating a lollipop.

When he was done, he looked around to make sure his family wasn’t watching him, and he threw the used stick down into the crowd.

I was horrified.

If any of my boys had done something like that, I would have marched them down to retrieve their garbage, and I would have made them apologize to every single person along the way.

The kid was proud of himself.

He giggled and held his arms up in a victory dance.

Until he turned around and saw me.

I was leaning in, giving him the stink eye.

He gasped in fear and ran to sit on his mama’s lap.

He remained there for the entire game.

Every now and again he would peek over her shoulder to see if that mean lady was still there.

I was.

I gave him the stink eye all night long.

That’ll teach him.

Mostly True Memoirs


My poor little dog.

She’s never been accused of being bright.

We got a new doggie door that makes a little whooshing noise.

This scares the daylights out of the poor little doggo.

It took us ages to train her to actually use the door.

Today something has spooked her, and she’s afraid of it all over again.

She just got groomed.

She had a significant amount of fluff removed.

She has no more padding.

I think that the door is hitting her a$$ on the way out.

I guess that would spook anyone.

Mostly True Memoirs


Can laughter make you smarter?

This was a very interesting question posed to me today.

My answer, as an ESL teacher, is a qualified yes.

Qualified because the non-stop class clown jokes are distracting and not at all helpful.

However, it is a public speaking axiom that when the audience is laughing, they are leaning in to listen.

With that in mind, I always try to get at least a chuckle out of every class session.

In teaching conversation, the human connection is far more important than grammar rules or vocabulary lists.

If I can garner so much as a hint of a smile, I know I will have a successful ESL session with that student.